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Youth Accepted into Our Program:

Hunter’s Place serves female youth ages 10-17 who present with mental health and/or behavioral concerns due to adverse childhood experiences. This includes oppositional behavior, acute aggressive behaviors, lack of healthy boundaries, acute chemical use, running away, truancy, and youth who are or are at risk of being sexually exploited and/or trafficked. Hunter’s Place cannot serve youth who are actively suicidal, current or recently physically assaultive, sex offenders, or youth with a developmental disability.

Shelter care services are available for youth who are needing immediate and/or short-term stays including truancy weekends. Youth in the shelter care program must meet the same admission requirements as youth in our group home program.

Referrals can include youth who are court-ordered into placement or youth who are voluntarily placed. Placement is not reimbursable through insurance providers.

    Referral Questionnaire

    To fill out our referral questionnaire click the button below and download the PDF document. Fill it out as thoroughly as possible and submit it to Hunter’s Place using one of the following:

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